Being a parent is the biggest pleasure in this life! But bringing a life to this world should be a free choice for both male and female. It is about planning when do you want to have a child. And for some, it is about choosing the size of the family.

Are you planning to expand your family anytime soon?

If yes, then do visit Dr Suneet Kaur for pre- conception counselling.

Purpose of Pre-conception Counseling: The purpose is to receive advice and guidance before planning for pregnancy.
Assessment of Readiness: The counseling helps assess whether your body is physically ready for pregnancy.
Timing Consideration: It helps determine if the current time is appropriate for planning a pregnancy.
Risk Evaluation: The counseling includes an evaluation of any potential risks or complications that may arise in your specific case.



Suppose, if you do not want to have a child for some time, then you must follow any of these methods to prevent pregnancy. Doctors at our clinic will strongly recommend methods like

  • Long-Acting reversible contraception, like implants or an intrauterine device.
  • Use Condoms while having physical intercourse.
  • Gain proper fertility awareness from Dr. Suneet Kaur
  • Take hormonal contraception, like pills.
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